What does a joiner actually do?

In a nutshell: we make things out of wood – including kitchens, wardrobes, TV units, vanities and storage cabinets.

What's the difference between a joiner and a carpenter?

Where joiners create and manufacture the item, carpenters construct and install the building structure onsite. We have a team of in-house builders to install our bespoke products to ensure our high standard is maintained. 

What materials and finishings do you use?

The main material we use is called high moisture resistant whiteboard, which is most commonly used for all cabinet internals. For the doors, drawers and external panels we can use timber veneers, hardwoods, lamiwood MDF (either timber grained or in solid colours) – and even have the panels sprayed in polyurethane to match any paint colour.

We also work with mirror-faced doors for shaving cabinets, glass doors, sliding and hinged doors. A really popular option we also provide is handle-less doors with angled finger pulls for a clean, modern look or to bring out some contrast in your space.

What is your process?

First, you send us the information about what you’re after and then we put a quote together for you. We can handle all of the design, manufacturing and installation pending your job requirements. Find out more about our process here.  

Can you do my bathroom?

Sure! We can create and install bathroom cupboards, vanities and shaving cabinets (either recessed and wall mounted). We can also work with any other trade to complete your design. 

Do you do outdoor areas?

The materials we use aren’t suitable for external use, as they aren’t built for the elements. We’ve found that built-in BBQ’s made out of stainless steel or granite work much better and will last a lot longer in the sun. However, if you’re looking to install something in an outside room that is protected from the elements – we could provide the joinery. 

How much will my project cost?

That totally depends on the size, details and requirements of your interiors. Get in touch here to get a quote.

Where are you based?

We’re based in Cromer in NSW’s Northern Beaches, where we have a manufacturing warehouse and a small show room with samples of details and finishes. We service the greater Sydney region.  

Do you use contractors?

We don’t use external contractors to install our joinery – all of our cabinetmakers are in-house employees. We often with builders and architects and builders who bring all the trades together and organise a whole job. We also offer the full package ourselves – which includes design, manufacture and installation.

Do I have to leave my home while you work?

No, we won’t kick you out! Plenty of our clients opt to stay home while we work. We keep everything clean and tidy and don’t make too much noise during installation. Whether you’re at home or head out and leave us with access – we’ll get the job done.